Get Involved with us!

Are you a student and want to get more involved in Asian Student Alliance? Sign up for one of our committees through THIS LINK or scan the QR code on the left to sign up for a committee. We have five different committees each tasked with its own job.

The five committees are:

  • Communications Committee

  • Marketing and Graphics Committee

  • Community Outreach & Civic Engagement Committee

  • Partnership and Sponsorship committee

  • Special Events Committee

If you would like to learn more about each committee, click on the image to the left or you can navigate to get involved! You do not have to be on a committee to become a member and we encourage you to join us during our monthly meetings!

Our latest project

This summer we held our annual 2022 Asian Student Alliance Leadership Conference! Our theme for the conference was "Stronger Together: Advancing Leaders Through Collaboration." We had 4 amazing guest speakers share their stories and knowledge with our students and serve as their role models. The students also went through different workshops to better develop their intersectional identities and leadership skills.

Although the conference is over this does not mean ASA is stagnant. We have monthly meetings and are continuously putting our message out! We hope you decide to join us and attend our monthly meetings.